Amanae Transformational Bodywork

Amanae is a powerful bodywork that combines deep conscious breathing, physical movements on the skin and energy work to release old, sometimes unconscious traumas and emotional blockages.
Often in our lives we do not allow ourselves to fully express and feel our emotions. Already as a child, we learn that some emotions are more acceptable than others through the reactions of our parents and society. However, if we hide, suppress or ignore emotions like anger, fear, shame, joy and sadness, they get stored in our body, eventually forming blockages that can limit us in our lives.
In Amanae we activate certain points, so called ‚doorways‘ , that help us to connect to those blockages. By bringing our full awareness to these points and allowing ourselves to fully feel what is there, we can let go of the old pains and traumas that are stored in our bodies.
As an Amanae practitioner I guide and support you to feel and release what is held in your body so you can open your heart and come home to your true being.

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