Hi there, my name is Anne Morgenstern. Let me introduce myself a little, so you know what services I have to offer the world:

I am a certified Master Practioner of NLP & Time Line Therapy® and I work as a holistic mind and body coach. I believe that our mind and our thoughts influence how we feel in our bodies and our body influences our mindset. I also believe that emotions that we suppress, stay in our bodies and express themselves in other ways: for example as illness, pain or as limiting beliefs that hold us back from living our life happy and fulfilled.

I offer a safe space for my clients where they can be completely open and show up as they are and I can find out how I can support you in the best way.

In my coaching sessions, we use tools and practices from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy® to shift your mindset, clear stuck emotions and to let go of limiting beliefs. I am available for online coaching sessions via Zoom.

I have a background in Amanae, which is a unique heart centred and transformational form of bodywork that is also designed to help you release old stuck emotions and blockages. It also helps to strengthen or rediscover the connection to your heart, body and to what you are feeling. I offer in person 1:1 Amanae sessions in Adelaide, SA.

Another part of my toolbox is my knowledge and experience as a Kundalini Yoga teacher. I am especially interested in the different breathing exercises and their influence on how we are feeling. I am also fascinated by the simple yet effective movement exercises that support you to become more flexible and/or can be focused on working on the different chakras to help with the mental, emotional and physical challenges that are connected to each of them. Currently, I offer 1:1 in person or online classes. I am also available for teaching groups on retreats.

In the end, all modalities that I use lead you back to yourself and your inner wisdom. To your self worth, self love and self trust.  I believe that we all have everything we need already inside of ourselves. We all, including myself, just need some help to see that and to access this wisdom from time to time. That is when a coach is invaluable. Get in touch when you would like to find out more about working with me. I offer free 20 min discovery calls where we can find out if we are a good match for each other.

To get to know me even more, follow me on Instagram where I share (more or less regularly) stories about what lights me up, about my life as a mum to beautiful little Esko and of course also inspiration and ways to work with me.